08 Oct 2018

Reoccuring Donators will receive a coupon code that is eligable for percentages off depending on how much you have donated.

Donate 2 Times receive 5 percent off, Don... Read more
By Leroy Clemente

27 Sep 2014

We've recently had to change were our donation system was hosting being and that happening forced us to reinstall the program

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By Admin

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VAINZ Tier 2 Custom Class 15 USD 2018-10-10 14:58:46

Welcome to Vortex Gaming's Donation system, 

everything here is automated meaning you will receive your item you donated for immediately. No more waiting around for a superadmin+ to set your donator rank, now when you donate you get it immediately, same for money and everything else, the only thing that takes time is the custom class and those are guranteed to be added in next time the server restarts. Thank you for using Vortex Gaming's newest donation system!